Enviado: Will y Ashley

14 de abril de 2017

Around the time City Awakening Church launched in Orlando in the fall of 2016, Pastor Louis Tamburro shared story after story of trials and spiritual warfare his launch members had been going through over the previous few months. But greater than the trials they faced, the members of this Summit church plant found God’s faithfulness to pull them through. None of them gave in to the struggles and circumstances they were facing.

Watch the story of one of these families, newlyweds Will and Ashley, who left good jobs and a comfortable life only to be met in Orlando with a hit-and-run accident and three-week hospital stay—and by an amazing church family to help care for them through it all.

“We’re not really doing this for God,"" Will said. ""We’re doing it because of him—because of what he’s already done for us.”

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